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Impact Business Leaders (IBL) develops talented professionals
into the next generation of leaders in social enterprise or impact investing.

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Strengthen your Understanding

An Intensive workshop on the key factors in managing high-growth social enterprises taught by current leaders in the space.


Position Yourself for Success

One-on-one career coaching with IBL’s Executive Director, who has extensive global experience in business, social enterprise, and impact investing.


Connect with our Network

IBL's network of over 1300 social enterprises are looking for emerging leaders with strong functional and management experience.


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“IBL workshop provided a comprehensive overview of Social enterprises and a first hand experience of the Stakeholders which lead me to strongly consider pursuing an entrepreneurial career in this space. Thereafter, IBL lead me to an opportunity in a senior position at an educational start up which will provide me with relevant exposure, experience and prepare me for my next role as an entrepreneur.”

“Based on my experience, IBL’s job matching services was the best experience ever. I got exactly what I wanted.  I specifically joined IBL to transition from my role at Safaricom into a job that is meaningful, impactful, and in a work environment where I can flourish. I’m so happy to get a job at OkHi that fits my expectations. IBL is something I would encourage to anybody else facing my dilemma of the corporate world. Besides the job matching, the networking was important for me. I got to meet an exciting group of people. I believe this group will, one day, help me down the road. The job matching was great, but I also appreciated being a part of such an energetic and dynamic group that has a lot of potential. I really am grateful.”

“My engagement with IBL extended beyond my first placement, and the IBL team were very welcoming, responsive and supportive as I moved from my first role to another. Aside from helping me understand my long-term career objectives, they worked with me to identify short-term career goals and an employer profile that went beyond traditional factors such as company size and compensation to assessing the ideology, work culture, industry relevance, and impact potential. This kind of insight, gained from years of practical experience and sector knowledge, was invaluable.”

“IBL brought a blend of networking, career development, and idea sharing that would be valuable to anyone hoping to join the emerging social enterprise sector. During the one week workshop, IBL organized experienced practitioners who cogently described the social enterprise space from an investor and investee perspective. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the program was the cohort of diverse professionals contributing to the program by sharing their expertise. Not only did I find an exciting job opportunity through IBL, I left with a support group to call on long after the workshops ended.”