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Impact Business Leaders develops talented professionals into the next generation of leaders in social enterprise or impact investing.

Globally, social entrepreneurs are developing innovative, market-based concepts that address major social problems, and an emerging group of investment firms known as impact investors are deploying capital with the goal of financial returns and social impact.

IBL founder David Kyle found that it is difficult for social enterprises to find and develop the right experienced talent needed to grow – especially local talent knowledgeable and dedicated to building a career in the region. At the same time, Kyle found it equally difficult for talented professionals to break into social enterprise careers.

Impact Business Leaders bridges this talent gap by delivering leadership development programs and career coaching to talented professionals who are committed to advancing careers in growing social enterprises.

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Impact Business Leaders is very grateful to its sponsors, who have provided the backing needed to make our programs successful:


TSCSF seeks to tackle the talent gap which constrains the growth of social enterprises and impact investors across the world. TSCSF supports Impact Business Leaders to find and train high potential, skilled individuals seeking a career in these sectors, often in emerging markets, and also to provide a valuable talent search service to world class enterprises around the globe.


The Hitachi Foundation was founded on the belief that business has an essential role to play in addressing the complex global challenges of our time. The Hitachi Foundation seeks to discover, demonstrate and expand business practices that both measurably improve economic opportunities for low-wealth individuals in the U.S. and enhance long term business value.