Why Social Enterprise

Why is now the time to build a career in social enterprise?

At Impact Business Leaders, we refer to any organization that addresses social needs through revenue generating, commercial activity as a social enterprise, regardless of whether they are legally filed as a nonprofit or for-profit organization. We believe that whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, manager or technical expert there are opportunities to build careers in social enterprise. But why now? Why is now more than ever, the time to build a career in social enterprise?

Opportunities for Leadership

There are a growing number of leadership opportunities in social enterprise. For much of the short history that has been the modern social enterprise movement, an experienced professional who wanted to develop into a leader in social enterprise had two options – found a social enterprise or join the support ecosystem around social enterprise. A few of these professionals landed the small number of support ecosystem jobs and even fewer successfully launched ventures.

But as more  social enterprises begin to scale their operations and their teams, full-time management-level positions are opening up. Founders are looking for business professionals who can take their organization from startup to profitable venture. At Impact Business Leaders, we see this trend every day. Our team has come across hundreds of management-level job descriptions all over the world. This is way more demand than our participants alone can meet, and we are probably only capturing a small portion of the management level job market. For ambitious professionals looking to develop into leadership roles, now is the time to jump into social enterprise.

The Future of Business

At Impact Business Leaders, we firmly believe social enterprise is the future of business. As a global society, we continue to learn about the ramifications of myopic and unstainable business decisions. These decisions have contributed to environmental degradation, economic and political instability, and violations of the most basic human rights. We need to change the way we do business if we want to continue prospering in the 21st century.

Major companies including Unilever, Morgan Stanley and Coca Cola are already pivoting toward this more holistic way of doing business.  As a professional, if you want to be relevant and successful in the new world of business, it’s time to start building your competence now. Sure, you can join a big companies engaging in this work, but the most innovative and cutting edge shifts in business will happen in start-ups and small businesses first. Get ahead of the curve and invest in your professional development now, by joining a small, entrepreneurial social enterprise.

A More Meaningful Career

The Impact Business Leaders team got into this work because we want a career that is exciting, challenging and meaningful. We found all of these things in social enterprise.  This space is an incredible combination of entrepreneurial energy, intellectual complexity and meaningful outcomes. There’s nothing quite like it. A career in social enterprise will push your limits and test your abilities in pursuit of a healthier, happier world. It’s not for everyone, but if you are reading this page, who guess is that this is the kind of career you are looking for.


If you are interested in how Impact Business Leaders can help you build a meaningful career in a challenging leadership role that prepares you for business in the 21st century, check out our upcoming programs.