IBL 16 : Leveraging Corporate Experience in Social Enterprise | Amol Mishra

This is part of an IBL Podcast mini-series Social Enterprise Careers: India

This week, we begin a mini-series on the journeys of social enterprise professionals working in India. Our first interview in this series is with Amol Mishra, Commercial Development Manager at CottonConnect. CottonConnect is the leading provider of sustainable supply chain services for the cotton industry. Amol shares how he transitioned from a corporate retailer to a social enterprise, and how his work is making a profitable business out of ensuring sustainability across the cotton supply chain.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How CottonConnect is building a business that ensures sustainable supply chains
  • The experiences that influenced Amol’s decision to pursue a career in social enterprise
  • The value that Amol delivers to CottonConnent because of his corporate experience

Mentioned in this episode:

CottonConnect Website

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