IBL 17 : Leading a Changemaker Career | Yashveer Singh

This is part of an IBL Podcast mini-series Social Enterprise Careers: India

In episode two of our mini-series on the journeys of social enterprise professionals working in India, we interview Yashveer Singh, Director of Youth Ventures, South Asia at Ashoka. Ashoka is an international citizen-sector organization whose mission is to build an Everyone a Changemaker World. Yashveer shares how he has built a career in social enterprise and positioned himself to pursue his passion for empowering youth.

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In this episode we cover:

  • The challenges that Ashoka is trying to solve around the world
  • Why Yashveer founded a social enterprise right after university
  • How Yashveer has built on his experiences to land his current role at Ashoka

Mentioned in this episode:

Ashoka Website

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum

[email protected]B in South Asia Program

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