IBL 18: Pursuing a Role with Greater Impact | Elliot Rosenberg

This is part of an IBL Podcast mini-series Social Enterprise Careers: India

In episode 3 of our mini-series on the journeys of social enterprise professionals working in India, we interview Elliot Rosenberg, VP of Business Development at Awaaz.de. Awaaz.de delivers local language content that partners and users can use to better communicate with important stakeholders and beneficiaries for a variety of purposes. Elliot shares the journey that brought him to this Indian social enterprise and how his time in India positioned him to take the role.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How Elliot went from an aspiring management consultant to a social entrepreneur
  • Why Elliot left the company he founded and why he was attracted to Awaaz.de
  • The latest job opening at Awaaz.de

Mentioned in this episode:

Awaaz.de Website

[email protected] Program

[email protected] in South Asia Program

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