IBL 19: Building a Social Enterprise within an NGO | Azeez Gupta

This is part of an IBL Podcast mini-series Social Enterprise Careers: India

In episode 4 of our mini-series on the journeys of social enterprise professionals working in India, we interview Azeez Gupta, Program Director of Vocational Activities at Pratham Institute. Pratham Institute is inspiring people around the world to work toward providing high-quality education for children and youth. Azeez shares why he transitioned from Management Consulting to Education and some of the biggest challenges for growing social enterprises in India.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What Azeez sees as the perks of working for a social enterprise compared to a big business
  • How Azeez thinks about building and developing a social enterprise team
  • The latest job opening at Pratham

Mentioned in this episode:

Pratham Website

Pratham Careers Webpage

[email protected] in South Asia Program

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  • Neetu Mahajan says:

    It’s wonderful to see youngsters like azeez gupta being part of the change that this country requires…kudos to him for having the grit guts and gumption to walk away from the common path and being in unchartered waters ….For the future of this country ….In the process of being a nation we need more youngsters like him….kudos

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