IBL 20: The Role of Mentors in Social Enterprise | Nidhi Thachankary

This is part of an IBL Podcast mini-series Social Enterprise Careers: India

In episode 5 of our mini-series on the journeys of social enterprise professionals working in India, we interview Nidhi Thachankary Hospitality Head, Pratham Ventures at Pratham Institute. Pratham Institute is inspiring people around the world to work toward providing high-quality education for children and youth. Nidhi shares how social enterprise mentors have accelerated her career and why she decided to accept a role at Pratham instead of pursue a startup social enterprise idea she developed in university.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What inspired Nidhi to get involved in the education space
  • the roles that mentors have played in Nidhi’s social enterprise career
  • How Nidhi turned her startup idea into a full-time job

Mentioned in this episode:

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