IBL 25: Finding the Right Talent to Help NGOs | Pradeep Mahtani

In our latest episode of the Impact Business Leaders podcast, we interview Pradeep Mahtani, Chief Executive Officer of HelpYourNGO.com India. HelpYourNGO.com helps donors evaluate Indian NGOs that they would like to support by providing detailed financial records and analyses on over 600 NGOs. HelpYourNGO.com also offers capacity building resources designed to help small NGO’s grow. Pradeep shares how he transitioned from a career as an equities analyst to managing an NGO by leveraging his transferable skills and network.

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In this episode we cover:

How Pradeep turned equities analysis experience into relevant nonprofit management experience

The hiring challenges Pradeep is trying to overcome in the social sector

What the next hire will be at HelpYourNGO.com

Mentioned in this episode:

HelpYourNGO.com Website


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