IBL 22: What Stands Out to a Kenyan EdTech Company | Toni Maraviglia

In today’s episode of the Impact Business Leaders podcast, we interview Toni Maraviglia, co-founder of Eneza Education. Eneza is the most widely used mobile education platform in Africa with local content and has the goal of making 50 Million students across rural Africa smarter. Toni shares her journey into the education technology space and how hiring a local team has become a competitive advantage for Eneza.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What sparked Toni’s transition from teacher to tech entrepreneur
  • Why hiring local talent is so important to Toni
  • What Toni wish’s she had known when plunged into the EdTech space in Kenya

Mentioned in this episode:

Eneza Education Website

Toni’s article on why Eneza hires African

Toni’s new project: Beyond.Uptake

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