Workshop Curriculum

DSC_0584Impact Business Leaders designed it’s workshop curriculum to cover a range of topics that are critical to succeeding in social enterprise. Each module is led by a practitioner in the field and tailored to accommodate the regional social enterprise ecosystem. Be ready for a rigorous and interactive experience.

We recognize that most people seeking careers in social enterprise and impact investing come to our program with some degree of academic/theoretical knowledge on the subject. So our courses are specifically designed to focus heavily on live examples and practical experience, drawing on our outstanding roster of practitioner instructors.

The descriptions below gives a short summary of each course used in the IBL programs. Note that each IBL program has four to five courses chosen based on what will be most relevant to participants. The order of courses also varies by program.

Course: “The Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing”

Instructor (Depending on Location):

Ross Baird, Executive Director, Village Capital

Vinay Nair, Director of Business Development at Social and Sustainable Capital

Duncan Onyango, East Africa Director, Acumen

This heavily experiential course utilizes case studies drawn from real-life social enterprises and impact investors to answer the question: “Where do you start?” Pragmatically, if you are an entrepreneur (or someone who wants to work for one), how do you get started in the field? If you are an investor, how do you develop an investment thesis and build an initial investment pipeline? For the IBL student who wants to take their learning into their career, this two-day course serves as an ideal jumping-off point.

Course: “Scaling-up Social Enterprises”

Instructor (Depending on Location):

Simon Desjardins, Director – Access to Energy Program, Shell Foundation

Bilha Maina, Founder, Kenya Promotions & Marketing company

This course will cover topics focused on taking a social enterprise from seed stage through the growth stage to scale, looking at challenges from the perspectives of both entrepreneur and investor. The course will use several case studies from social enterprises globally, and will also incorporate group exercises related to financial analysis and business development in the context of a growing enterprise.

 “Impact Investing in Startups: Diligence, Decisions & Deals”

Instructor (Depending on Location):

Paul Breloff, Managing Director, Accion Venture Lab

Tom Hyland, Co-Founder & Partner, Aspada Investments

This course will cover the process and techniques used to find, assess and invest in seed-stage impact investments. This course will dive deep into the full investment life-cycle in impact investing, with particular attention paid to the unique challenges of investing in startups, often including the lack of financial history or market data, unproven business models or customer demand, unsettled regulatory contexts, and first-time entrepreneurs. At each step of the process, from sourcing to screening and analysis to actually doing the deal, we will discuss both the theory as well as the practice through real-life examples and case studies. The course will culminate in group-based analyses of particular opportunities and the chance to decide whether we should invest and how we should get the deal done.

DSC_0613Course: “Fundraising and Investor Pitches”

Instructor (Depending on Location):

Nadia Sood, Founding Partner, Impact Investment Partners

Lauren Cochran, Director of Private Investments, Blue Haven Initiative

Getting your company investor-ready requires strategy, research and perseverance. This course will cover the spectrum of investors who are in the social enterprise space, and explain what they are looking for. The aim is to help entrepreneurs to understand who to approach, how to prepare, and how to execute with success. We will provide theory, real-life examples and a live pitch session. At completion of the course students will have:

  • An understanding of the types of investors who invest in the social enterprise space.
  • How to develop a fundraising strategy.
  • Practical experience in delivering live pitches to investor audiences.

“Entrepreneurial Challenges in Building a Company”

Instructor: Donn Tice, Former Chairman & CEO, d.light

One of the biggest challenges social enterprises face is scaling operations to make a significant positive impact on the world. This requires effective leadership, well designed systems and a strong tolerance for the unforeseen challenges. This course is designed to give participants real-world perspective from a social enterprise executive that face faced all of these challenges, and show participants what is necessary to grow a social enterprise to significant scale.

IMG_5592Course: “Consumer Preference and Affordable Product Design in Social Enterprise”

Instructor: Arvind Lodaya, Mentor & Trainer – DLabs, the Indian School of Business

Social enterprises are tasked with solving highly complex social and environmental problems. This course shows how design thinking and lean start-up methodologies can be used to identify opportunities within complex problems and rapidly scope iterative solutions to address them. This hands-on, interactive course will give participants real experience in the process of design thinking.

Course: “An Intrapreneur’s Journey: Building an Angel Network for Impact Enterprises”

Instructor: Aditi Shrivastava, Head, Intellecap Impact Investment Network

Not all innovators start companies. Many launch programs that have a tremendous impact on the world from within existing organizations. This course explores the differences between social entrepreneurship and social impact from within an organization (social intrapreneurship). Specifically, participants will learn how to navigate the priorities of  multiple internal stakeholder, manage internal change and shift organizational culture.

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