Impact Career Coaching

Career coaching for impact professionals

Gain the clarity, confidence, and focus you need to accelerate your impact career or launch your start-up venture. Impact Business Leaders (IBL) Impact Career Coaching led by Executive Director David Kyle delivers a professional development framework, action plan, and mentorship approach that is designed to support the next generation of leaders in social enterprise and impact investing. Whether you’re a talented professional interested in a more meaningful career, a social enterprise practitioner eager to get fresh perspective on your career options, or a startup founder just getting your business started, David can help you get clear and on track toward achieving your professional goals.

If you’re interested in IBL Impact Career Coaching, please complete the initial career assessment profile below. This profile helps us evaluate whether your motivations and career objectives match our ability to help you achieve your goals. If we don’t have a high degree of confidence that we can help you we will be the first to say so. IBL only works with a small number of high potential participants in this high touch program.

 Why Impact Career Coaching?

  1. Develop Your Leadership Potential We aim to help you understand and leverage your strengths, values and skills toward the growing needs in social enterprise and impact investing. IBL Coach David Kyle has mentored business professionals and built successful teams throughout his 38-year professional career.
  2. Build Your Confidence in your ability as a leader in social enterprise with a personalized action plan for your career and leadership development. This action plan draws from David’s extensive global experience in business, social enterprise and impact investing with well-known organizations such as Acumen, The Calvert Foundation, The Indian School Finance Company which he founded in India, and Citibank International.
  3. Make Connections with fellow participants, alumni and company partners in IBL’s network who share your interests, profiles and objectives. Accelerate the growth of your new professional network in social enterprise.

IBL Coach Profile: David Kyle

In 2013 David founded Impact Business Leaders with the dual goal of helping experienced business professionals find new careers in social enterprise while also helping growing social enterprises build the management teams they need to scale. IBL’s innovation in developing a fast-moving talent pipeline for social enterprise has been to focus on already experienced management professionals from the commercial sector, or recent graduates of MBA programs, who want a long term career path in social enterprise. IBL does not find open positions but does work closely with candidates to help them understand the industry, position themselves against promising opportunities and to build their personal networks. David has played this advisory role for dozens of professionals for more than 12 years.

David began his own social enterprise career in 2001 after 20 years at Citibank. He joined Save the Children to establish a new country organization in Brazil and soon after moved on to become the COO and Chief Investment Officer of Acumen Fund where he built local operations and teams in East Africa, India, Pakistan and New York from 2003-07. Inspired by the booming education space in India, David left Acumen Fund in 2007 to found the Indian School Finance Company, a for-profit finance company that provides medium term debt capital to private schools serving very low-income families. David lived in Hyderabad, India as CEO of ISFC for three years before transitioning the company to a local team and returning to the United States. David then joined the Calvert Foundation in Bethesda, Maryland as COO in 2011 where he stayed until he launched IBL in 2013.

Before transitioning into social enterprise, David spent 20 years in the corporate and investment bank of Citibank working successively in Brazil, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Portugal and the UK. Since 2006 David has pursued parallel teaching activities in several graduate programs in the US and abroad starting with Columbia SIPA (2006-7); Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business (2008-10); Emory University’s Goizueta MBA program (since 2011); and, at American University (during 2014-5). David went to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and has an MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University, SAIS.



“The career advice and support I received from IBL was exactly what I needed as I was transitioning out of the MBA and into a labour market that was completely unknown to me; navigating the multiple layers and complexities of the ‘social sector’ can be extremely confusing and daunting especially when you are switching careers. David’s mentoring and guidance provided the insights and connections I needed to feel confident about my future and to land the job that I was looking for.” – Gabriela, Head of Global Sustainability, Danone


“I’ve found IBL’s career coaching to be an excellent resource in my transition from a finance background. David has many years of personal experience, and in his mentoring draws both on this and on his extensive, senior-level network across the social impact sector. I’ve benefited greatly from his wise, considered advice, and the team have introduced me to several exciting organisations and roles. IBL have been a great support during my career change process.” – Alan, Former Portfolio Manager at Barclays


“When you shift from the for-profit sector to social enterprise, it can be really hard. The culture is completely different, the environment is completely different, and sometimes you feel like people are speaking a completely different language. I think you need a lot of support. What IBL and David have been able to do is give me that support. We looked at all the different companies that aligned with my goals and identified that one company where I would fit in. David has been an amazing sounding board just to think through this whole career transition with me. For that, I will always be grateful.” – Nidhi, Pratham Ventures Program Manager, Pratham

Program Fees

Program Cost: $3,000 – includes six months of dedicated career support with IBL coach, David Kyle, supported by the IBL team.