Social Enterprise Network

Impact Business Leaders helps social enterprises and impact investors find exceptional professional talent from around the world.

Why Impact Business Leaders

Social enterprises around the world struggle to find the right experienced talent needed to grow – especially local talent knowledgeable and dedicated to building a career in the region. Impact Business Leaders supports growing social enterprises and impact investors by connecting them with experienced business professionals.

If you or your organization is interested in hiring one of our highly qualified participants, email Jonathan Waldroup, or download our Job Description Template and send a completed version to [email protected]

Ideal Partners

IBL is interested in partnering with companies that meet the following criteria:

  •  Growing Social Enterprise. Impact Business Leaders defines social enterprises as businesses or non-profits that directly address social needs through revenue-generating commercial activity. There are two key components of social enterprise: a focus on social impact (the common good) and revenue generation (leading to greater sustainability). Impact Business Leaders aims to serve organizations that meet these two components.
  • Openings in challenging, middle and upper level positions. IBL works with experienced professionals who are seeking full-time roles with significant responsibility and professional development. IBL understands the financial-constraints of growing social enterprises and manages our participants’ salary expectations, but we do look for roles with competitive compensation packages.
  • Thoroughly scoped expectations and job description. Having a thorough JD is crucial to finding the right person for the job and managing expectations for both our partners and participants. A complete JD includes a summary of the role, background of the company, specific responsibilities and objectives, qualifications, and compensation & benefits.

Job Outcomes

Here are a few of social enterprises around the world who have hired IBL participants. 





 CottonConnect is a pioneering company with a social purpose, delivering business benefits to retailers and brands by creating more sustainable cotton supply chains. UK, India Commercial Development Manager
dlight d.light is a for-profit social enterprise whose purpose is to create new freedoms for customers without access to reliable power so they can enjoy a brighter future. Kenya New Initiatives Executive
 WSUP Enterprises strengthens private sector delivery of clean water and sanitation products to low income consumers. UK Business Design Specialist
 GVEP International (Global Village Energy Partnership) works with local businesses in developing countries to increase access to modern energy and to improve the quality of lives for millions of people. Kenya SME Advisor
 IIX seeks to address the various stages of capital raising that a social enterprise may encounter throughout its lifecycle. IIX operates the Impact Incubator and Impact Partners platforms to help social enterprises access impact investment. Singapore Associate
 RevolutionCredit allows consumers to watch short and entertaining financial literacy videos to demonstrate and improve their financial capabilities.” It allows financial institutions to identify more creditworthy customers. USA Director of Finance
VOTO amplifies the voice of the under-heard. Our mobile phone notification and survey platform removes the barriers to insightful mobile communication between citizens worldwide and the organizations that serve them. Ghana Business Development Manager
Intellecap is a pioneer in providing innovative business solutions that help build and scale profitable and sustainable enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change. India Manager
Off Grid Electric is the world’s first massively scalable “solar energy as a service” company. Tanzania Regional Manager;
Product Manager, SURGE
Open Capital Advisors helps rapidly growing, high-potential, African enterprises prepare for and achieve growth. Kenya Poject Leader
 BURN is revolutionizing the cookstove sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our commercial model is saving lives and forests, and, for our customers, millions of dollars every year. Kenya Business Consultant
 Village Capital sources, trains, and invests in impactful seed-stage enterprises worldwide. USA Finance Associate
Villgro inspires, mentors, funds and incubates, early stage, innovation-based social enterprises that impact the lives of India’s poor. India Incubation Associate
 Wedu is a leadership development organization that aims to unlock the leadership potential of women in Asia by offering mentorship and financing options for a university education. Thailand Leadership Development Specialist